Jonathan Green

Murder in the High Himalaya

Murder in the High Himalaya

Economist “By personalising Namtso’s life and death, Mr Green has conjured in the flesh an otherwise anonymous figure from Tibet’s shadows”

Daily Beast “Brilliantly told. Captivating.”

kirkus “In clear, concise prose, the author deliberates over China's stranglehold on Tibet, its systematic dismantling of the indigenous culture and the terror tactics employed on families... Green's steely, factually dense analysis of this unlawful conspiracy sheds light on a perennial human-rights crisis... ”

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Winner Banff Mountain Book Competition, Mountain and Wilderness Literature category

American Society of Journalists and Authors Winner American Society of Journalists and Authors, Outstanding Non Fiction Book of the Year


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Jonathan Green is an award-winning journalist and author. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Men's Journal, the Financial Times Magazine, British GQ and Esquire and the Mail on Sunday's Live magazine among many other publications.

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