Jonathan Green


A Story of Crack, Blood, and Betrayal

Edgar Award Finalist - Best Fact Crime

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Exceptionally authentic.

– bestselling author Jill Leovy
The New York Times Book Review

Expertly reported and written in a crisp, no nonsense style, Sex Money Murder is a glimpse into a violent criminal lifestyle rarely documented.

– Lisa Levy
LitHub CrimeReads

Green's insights into a culture unavailable to most readers are invaluable … A disturbing yet necessary, significant book by a journalist willing to place himself in danger.

– Kirkus

Sex Money Murder is a ferocious and long-overdue piece of true storytelling about a time and a place that saw the worst of the dope business. Within it are remarkable tales of faith in a standard, friendship or what passes for it, greed, decay, the worst and the best of America.

– Sam Quinones
bestselling author of Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic

This book is incredible.

– Ryen Russillo

A riveting, deeply human true-life thriller of deadly New York crack gangs that also breaks fresh ground on one of the most important issues of our time, the murders of young black men. With years of extraordinary reporter's access, crisp, cinematic writing, and no small amount of courage, Jonathan Green is the South Bronx Boswell of ruthless killers in a tale reminiscent of Gay Talese's classic inside portrait of the Bonanno crime family, Honor Thy Father. Most remarkably Green captures the common humanity of gangsters, cops, prosecutors, the guilty and the innocent, victims and avengers, redeemed and irredeemable psychopaths, the living and the dead in the modern noir American city.

– Michael Capuzzo
bestselling author of Close to Shore and The Murder Room

Doesn't pull any punches….Green's portraits of the good guys and the bad guys are richly layered and compelling: this is no simple cops-and-robbers story. It's a story about an entire way of life and the way people on both sides of the law have been affected by it. A fine piece of crime nonfiction.

– Booklist

Jonathan Green spent years researching the people, places, and events of the 1980s and '90s crack epidemic and specifically one of the Bronx's most ruthless gangs, Sex Money Murder. His book, Sex Money Murder: A Story of Crack, Blood, and Betrayal, distills all that research into an outstanding example of how powerful narrative non-fiction can be.

– The Amazon Book Review

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Other books by Jonathan Green


Loyalty, Tragedy, and Escape from Tibet

(Foreword by the Dalai Lama)

Winner, Outstanding Nonfiction Book of the Year, American Society of Journalists and Authors

Winner, Mountain and Wilderness Literature, Banff Mountain Book Competition

Reportage Book Of the Year, Ladek-Zdroj Mountaineering Film Festival, Poland

By personalizing Namtso's life and death, Mr Green has conjured in the flesh an otherwise anonymous figure from Tibet's shadows

– The Economist

Brilliantly told… Captivating.

– The Daily Beast

[A] tale, spun wonderfully in Green's morally ambiguous account….Who spoke out and who did not, and why, is at the heart of one of the most unsettling books of recent years.

– McCleans

Jonathan Green's descriptions of the scenery of the High Plateau are breathtaking.

– Los Angeles Times

Murder in the High Himalaya is the enthralling story of Kelsang Namtso and Dolma Palkyi and the unbearable lengths these young girl went in search of education and freedom. It is a breathtaking and damning statement of failed policies by the Chinese government against Tibetans who, despite these brutal obstacles, still refuse to give up hope. For the first time we were eyewitnesses to the murder of innocent Tibetans during their attempt at freedom. This book is a meaningful testament to the human spirit in its purest form.

– Richard Gere

A word is missing from the subtitle of Jonathan Green's shocking expose: cowardice. It shines out of the story of the murder of the 17 year old Tibetan nun, Kelsang Namtso… The core of this book is Kelsang's murder and its implications, which Green, an experienced journalist, recounts vividly and with scrupulous attention to evidence… In this book he shows himself to be a first class reporter.

– The Spectator

[E]ngaging and well researched…. Green crafts a deeply human face from the fuzzy generalities that often characterize reports on the Tibetan experience.

– Huffington Post

Asa resident of the Himalayas, and a practisting Buddhist myself, I was impressed with the author's understanding of the complex culture and subtleties of people living in the Himalayan region.

– The Asian Review of Books

The cold-blooded slaying of a runaway Tibetan teenager ignites worldwide concern about the violent oppression at "the roof of the world." For three years, American journalist Green travelled to remote sections of Tibet to investigate the murder of a young nun who died at the hands of Chinese border officials. In clear, concise prose, the author deliberates over China's stranglehold on Tibet, its systematic dismantling of the indigenous culture and the terror tactics employed on families like Dolma's, who were frightfully roused in the night by the Chinese officials known for randomly inspecting the homes of native Tibetans for proof of "activities deemed 'unpatriotic' to China and Mao Zedung's Communist legacy…. Green's steely, factually dense analysis of this unlawful conspiracy sheds light on a perennial human-rights crisis.

– Kirkus

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